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Always Evergreed on Studio 701 in Bismarck, ND



Friends Willow and Jeanna make up the alternative folk duo, Always Evergreen. The pair met while on contract at the Medora Musical in Medora, North Dakota. They quickly bonded over their admiration of Harry Styles and Chai lattes. After their performances, the duo would stay up till all hours of the night writing songs. The band's music takes influences from folk, pop, and indie music and are known for their beautiful harmonies. In January 2021, they released their first song "The Rest" on streaming platforms. Their debut EP, Songs from a Log Cabin, was released on April 30th. 

Willow has been playing the banjo since she was four and singing ever since she could talk. She began professionally performing at the age of eight and has loved every minute on stage since (well...most!). In 2017, she was given the unique opportunity to hold a role in the IMAX film “America’s Musical Journey” alongside the cast of Aloe Blacc, Gloria Estefan, the Fisk Jubilee Singers and Morgan Freeman (narration). 

Jeanna is a musical theatre actress that has recently pivoted into the music industry. While she loves performing on a theater stage, you can say singing was her first real dream. Jeanna taught herself to play the piano in junior high and is now adding guitar and mandolin to that list. She is originally from a small town in North Dakota, but now makes a home in New York City.



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